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See why KAVACA window tint is the best tint film on the market to date!

UV Ray Protection

Block harmful UV rays, safeguarding your skin and preventing interior fading.

Enhanced Privacy

Drive with an added layer of discretion, ensuring your on-road privacy.

Improved Climate Control

Keep your car’s interiors cooler, ensuring a more comfortable drive.

Premium Appearance

Grant your vehicle an elegant, sleek, and refined look with top-tier tints.

KAVACA Window Tinting A World of Distinction

Elevate the aesthetics and comfort of your vehicle with Ceramic Pro Desoto's elite window tinting services. Harnessing the power of KAVACA by Ceramic Pro, we bring you tints that redefine elegance and functionality.

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Asked Questions

This is where we answer all your questions. Check it out.

Why choose KAVACA for window tinting?

KAVACA by Ceramic Pro is a trusted name, known for its exceptional quality, UV protection, and aesthetic enhancements.

How long does the window tinting process take?

Typically, the process can take a few hours, depending on vehicle size and specific requirements.

Is the tint legal?

Our tints are compliant with local regulations, but it's advisable to discuss your preferences to ensure alignment with local laws.

How long before I can roll down my windows?

We recommend waiting at least 3-5 days before rolling down your windows to ensure proper adhesive curing.

Can the tint help in energy savings?

Yes, the tints can help keep your vehicle cooler, potentially reducing the need for air conditioning.

Will it affect visibility at night?

Our premium tints are designed to reduce glare and enhance clarity, ensuring uncompromised visibility day or night.

What's the warranty on the tint?

We offer a lifetime warranty on our KAVACA window tints, ensuring long-lasting satisfaction.

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Simply, we offer the best in window tint technology. Offering the highest protection from UV rays, and an array of additional benefits - surpassing the performance of any other film on the market to date.

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